Day Three of the Jose Sandoval Murder Trial

Prosecutors in Jose Sandoval's murder trial presented more testimony Wednesday. It was the 3rd day of the Norfolk bank robbery suspect's trial in Hamilton County Court in Aurora. Wednesday afternoon jurors were presented with physical evidence linking Sandoval to the bank slayings.

Sandoval sat in silence as family members of the victims wept. Before the jury even entered the courtroom, the judge ruled that a photo of Jose Sandoval, taken just a few hours after the shootings, in which Sandoval is smiling would not be allowed as evidence at this time. Sandoval's lawyer, Harry Moore claims it is irrelevant to the case and said it would inflame the jury.

Among the first to testify today was Jere Anderson, owner of the white Subaru stolen by the suspects after the shootings. She took the stand, visibly shaken as she recalled waking up to one of the men holding a gun to her head. The jury also heard from the O'Neill police officer who apprehended Jose Sandoval in that city, and viewed the t-shirt and shoes he wore during the murders. Later on, family members wept as the weapons recovered by the FBI were displayed and a description of the bank, including shell casings inside were given.