Daymond John of Shark Tank speaks to Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

One of the hit stars of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” was in Lincoln Tuesday. Daymond John, a self made millionaire, spoke at the annual Lincoln Chamber of Commerce luncheon. John created FUBU, a clothing company. He has more than four billion dollars in global product sales. His advice for young entrepreneurs? 

“Prove your concept. You can make up your own opinion, but not your own fact. If you go sell two products, that turns intoThat’s. Thats how you start. Use social media, Facebook, you start with one or two friends, then that becomes and then a billion. It all starts with one sale and then the next and then another” John said.

As far as “Shark Tank” goes, what does Daymond John look for in a potential investment?

“Is the person someone I can trust and work with and like. I don’t want someone who will call you every 2 minutes.. I wants someone who will call you with a solution. Is the business investment worthy, is it sellable. Is the business proven with sales and is the business proven” John said.

Daymond says it is truly their own money they invest on the show. And yes, some of the deals over the years haven’t worked outhey’vethye’ve lost their investment.