Deadly Intersection Made Safer

An intersection in North Lincoln that was the scene of a deadly car crash in 1999 was made a little bit safer Thursday. We first reported the accident almost five years ago, when three people were killed at the intersection of North 1st and McKelvie. Many people, including the mother of one of the victims, believe that tall trees and overgrown brush kept the drivers from seeing each other and contributed to the accident. Those trees are gone now, and many people feel much safer.

The crash, involving a surburban and a station wagon, killed two 6 year old boys and a 17 year old boy in the intersection almost 5 years ago. Many people feared that the trees increased the danger of another deadly accident. Thursday morning, a local contractor buldozed the site. The sounds of bulldozers bring relief to Brenda Willet. In 1999, her 6-year-old son Kevin died here. Her husband Todd was driving Kevin and a friend to their home when 17 year old Ron McKakin missed a stop sign and slammed into their car. Only Todd survived. Brenda believes that the trees that grew along the road may have been the reason that neither driver saw the other coming. Small wooden crosses bear the names of the two small boys who were killed here. Contractor Mike Anderson knew about the accident, and also believes that the intersection was unsafe. The trees and brush are gone now, and the sightlines in the intersection are clear. For Brenda, it has been a long time coming. -Area residents tell Channel eight how glad they are that the trees are gone. Apparently there were many people who felt the intersection was unsafe. The feeling Thursday evening–though bittersweet– seems to be one relief.