Deadly Virginia Shooting Gets Local Reaction

The tragedy at Virginia Tech is also hitting home here in Lincoln for a UNL professor.

A UNL professor who spent four years at Virginia Tech spoke to Channel 8 Eyewitness News.

He says one of his former colleagues was in the same building where the shooting occurred.

Professor Ravi Saraf says this is a tragedy that he could've never imagined.

He's been teaching at UNL for the past two years.

But, he says Virginia Tech's campus, the people and the lifestyle, are still very fresh in his mind.

Saraf says he was frequently in the building where the shooting happened.

He says the community of Blacksburg, Virginia is very quiet.

Students on UNL's campus say even though they feel safe on a day to day basis, this incident really makes them think twice.

As for Professor Saraf, he says he's been able to find his friends at Virginia Tech, and luckily everyone he knows personally is okay.

Still, he says this is a tragedy he feels deeply affected by here in Lincoln.