Deaf and hard of hearing awareness night at Saltdogs game

Posted By: Sarah Fili

The Lincoln Salt Dogs teamed up with the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to host the 3rd annual awareness night at Haymarket Park. Their goal is to show people they’re just like everyone else.

"We can do anything except we can’t hear, whatever you can do, I can do too,” Kim Davis, Advocate with the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, said.

“We do have about 20,000 people of Nebraska who have some kind of a hearing loss, and we want to teach people about the different types of hearing loss and how to protect your hearing also what types of services that the commission offers.”

Before the first pitch a professional mime, Ricky Smith, signed the national anthem. Later in the game the Dogs held a silent inning- no music, no play by play, just silence.

"It’s more listening with your eyes than your ears,” Davis said.

Members of the deaf community hope this helps open people’s eyes and attitude.

"A deaf person or a hard of hearing person is just like everyone else, they’re the same as you and me and so we need people to know that we need access  communication sometimes we need a little more time to communicate be it through sign language or not, so you need to be patient with that communication process, sometimes we need to write back and forth or text, there are many different ways you can communicate with a deaf person,” Mike Brummer, a deaf community member, said.

There’s one thing they want you to know. They are proud.

"I am a deaf person and proud to be a deaf person I’m so proud of this wonderful night and this experience for everyone here,” Brummer said.

Part of the proceeds from the game’s ticket sales go to help members of the deaf community purchase hearing aids and other technology to help them communicate.