Update: Death investigation in Aurora

Posted By:  Cole Miller

Aurora Police and assisting agencies were at a historic home after a woman's body was found Tuesday afternoon.

The Hamilton County Attorney's office is investigating the death of 59–year–old Debra Miller.  They say there was a domestic disturbance with her husband hours before her death. The Hamilton County Attorney's office says Miller's husband was arrested for domestic assault.  However, they don't believe it had anything to do with her death.

It's in a quiet Aurora neighborhood where we find Miller's home – a historic house.  Where on Tuesday, 59–year–old Debra Miller was found dead.  An autopsy was performed Wednesday, and officials say Miller's death was not caused by the disturbance.

For now, they're ruling out homicide with toxicology results pending.

“Well, it was kind of an unusual situation for Aurora,” neighbor Jay Nylander said.

Nylander lives just across the street from the house. He says there's a lot of talk going on in the community.

“It's so small and so closely–knit that most of the things that happen, like this, would be a total surprise,” Nylander said.

Miller's family was at the home Wednesday but didn't want to talk on camera.  When asked if they thought anything was suspicious, they said they have their speculations.

For now, they say they're focused on making funeral arrangements.

Back across the street, Nylander says he hopes they find some answers.

“You always hope for the families that the best comes out of it. It's a tragedy, but there's hope to come.”