Debate over gun control continues

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

As the national debate over gun control tightens, Nebraska lawmakers are debating some restrictions of their own.

Senator Laura Ebke, district 32, introduced lb 289 last year. It would prevent Nebraska cites from passing their own firearm restrictions, for example on possession and sales.

It would create a statewide policy.

"The concern is making sure that we protect law abiding gun owners such as myself when they are traveling to communities and from one place to another," Senator Adam Morfeld District 46, said.

The bill went through committee last session, but some lawmakers disagree with the decision.

Senator Bob Krist voiced his thoughts to send the bill back to committee for further discussion.

"If that local control deems it to be a safety issue for the people who live in that area then who are we to say no you cant have local control," Senator Bob Krist, District 10, said.

Some senators speaking on behalf of cities like Lincoln and Omaha fear uniform restrictions could affect their efforts to combat gun violence.

"They deal with gun violence in North Omaha and South Omaha every single day, it’s not an issue they deal with in North Platte or Papillion or any other portion of the state. They are dealing with it every single day," Senator Heath Mello, District 5, said.

Others in support of the bill say it’s designed to help.

"Road blocks to lb 298 only make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to obtain the firearms that they need to defend themselves," Senator Nicole Fox, District 7, said.

Most importantly, they want to prevent gun owners from unknowingly breaking the law when traveling in the state.

After hours of discussion, the lawmakers debated whether or not to cease debate.

They voted to continue it.

I spoke with Senator Ebke and says she is open to compromise on the floor, not sending it back to committee.f