Democrats already looking forward to November

By: Brittany Paris

The Democratic candidates for the Gubernatorial and Senate races have certainly had a less hectic primary than the Republicans.

Dave Domina will be fighting for the Senate job come this November, as will Chuck Hassebrook for Governor.

They say they’re already looking forward to November.

“Tonight and tomorrow really are the start to the general election,” Hassebrook said.

“I’m really excited to be in the general election, have a defined opponent and really get started engaging in the issues,” Domina said.

Hassebrook and Domina were both at the Single Barrel Tuesday night for the Democrats of Lancaster County event.

The Democrats both say they’re ready for the General Election, but running in a state that leans Republican, we asked how they plan to sway voters.

“You know, Nebraskans have a history of voting for the person. 3 of the last 7 governors were democrats. So even though Nebraska leans republican, we still vote for the person,” Hassebrook said.

“By being reasonable,” Domina said. “A person who has an interest in solutions knows there’s not just one answer to a complex problem. There may be ten; you have to choose a reasonable one. Nobody gets everything we want in a democracy, that’s not how it works.”

We saw negative attack ads in the Republican primary. Domina and Hassebrook say that’s not how they plan to run their campaigns and plan to focus only on the issues.