Dennard charged with felony assault on an officer

By: Ian Hest

Senior cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was charged today with felony assault on an officer after a fight this weekend.

He was arrested early Saturday morning outside a downtown bar.

He remained in custody over the weekend.  Today, he appeared in court to have his bail set.

His attorney expected Dennard to post bail and head home sometime this afternoon.

And that's pretty critical for Dennard, who is expecting to hear his name called in the NFL draft as early as Thursday.  

He is now facing charges he punched a Lincoln police officer in the jaw early Saturday morning.

The arrest comes just days before he's expected to be selected in the NFL draft.

LPD said the fight happened just outside of Hour Lounge at 2:15 in the morning as officers were patrolling streets during bar break.

Officer Katie Flood said, “I don't know how often fights occur, but it is often enough that we do have officers monitoring bar break on a typical Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.”

The all–Big Ten corner is accused of fighting outside the bar.  When police  tried to break it up, they say he punched an officer in the face–ultimately taking four officers to arrest him.

Flood said, “An officer spoke with him just before he punched the male. Then officers intervened and placed him under arrest giving him loud, verbal commands to place his hands behind his back.”

Dennard was ejected from his last game as a Husker–The Capitol One Bowl–for fighting.

His bail for the incident over the weekend was set at 10 percent of $5,000.  This means he only needs to post $500 to head home. 

His attorney Terry Dougherty said, “We're glad we got him out of jail. That's a start. So really that's all I've got for today.”

If convicted, Dennard faces up to five years in jail.

Dennard's next court appearance is in the middle of May.

By that time he will most likely be on an NFL roster.