Dennard pleads no contest to refusing breathalyzer; DUI charge dismissed

Posted By:  Jenn Hatcher

Former Husker Alfonzo
Dennard was back in court Friday to face a DUI charge.

On July 11, Dennard
was pulled over by a Lincoln
police officer for straddling center lines. 

As a result, Dennard
was charged with DUI, refusal to submit a chemical test and failure to comply.

However, after a plea
deal, the DUI and failure to comply charges were dismissed.

Dennard pleaded no
contest to refusing a breathalyzer test.

The court found him guilty on the refusal charge and sentenced him Friday.  

“It's not
unusual for one charge out of an incident that… the defendant admits to one
of those charges and the other charges are dismissed as apart of a plea
agreement,” says Dennard's attorney, Alan Stoler.

Assistant prosecutor
Christine Loseke said the DUI and refusal to submit charges carry the same
penalty and that it's common for people charged with one to have the other

Dennard was sentenced
to pay a $500 fine, his license is suspended for 60 days and he will serve probation concurrently
with the term he's on for striking a police officer in 2012.


Just a day before, On
Thursday, a judge extended Dennard's probation from two to three years and his
jail sentence from 30 to 60 days.

The jail term is set
for March.