Dentist visits Saint Michael’s School

Posted By: Nolan Crane

Some first grade students at Saint Michael’s School here in Lincoln had a guest speaker come to their class to learn about dental health.
They also participated is some fun hands on experiments. Here’s Friday February 27ths “Excellence in Education.”

These students spent their afternoon answering questions from a local dentist. She demonstrated the proper technique to brush and showed us all the harmful effects of drinking too much soda using eggs. When you drink dark soda your teeth can get stained and sugary drinks can also cause cavities. These first graders have some tips to help us get a good check up during our next dental visit.

“Brush your teeth in circles and brush them twice a day and floss once or twice a day,” says Carter Gokie.

“Brush your teeth for two minutes, floss once and brush your tongue,” says Chloe.

“As we we’re learning about dental health this week we came to find out that the kids hadn’t been to the dentist so we thought this week was a perfect opportunity to have them have a positive experience with a dentist,” says Sasha Kelly.

The students also learned about the importance of enamel and taking care of their gums. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.