Designs for south Lincoln intersections to be revealed

Posted By:  KLKN Newsroom

The three traffic engineering firms participating in the City's design competition for the intersections of 14th Street, Warlick Boulevard and Old Cheney Road will unveil their work at a public open house  Thursday, November 15.   The meeting from 5 to 9 p.m. at Southwest High School, 7001 S. 14th Street, also will be the first opportunity for the City's selection committee to see the designs.

The firms have been working for three months on a design to improve traffic flow and safety in the area.  The firms have already received more than 110 recommendations from area residents and property and business owners.  The public is encouraged to provide feedback on each design to help the City's selection committee make its decision. 

Miki Esposito, Director of the City Public Works and Utilities Department, said the intersections have an unusual configuration and have experienced traffic congestion and unsafe driving behaviors as well as a fatal accident.  She said growth in southwest Lincoln is expected to increase motorist concerns about congestion and safety.  This project marks the first time the City is using a design competition approach to address the challenges presented by the intersections.

“This is an exciting step forward for our City,” Esposito said.  “We strongly encourage the public to participate in the process and give us the feedback we need to help us reach the best possible decision to meet the long-term needs for Lincoln.”

The competition approach included the use of a neutral third-party facilitator to help stimulate discussion among the project area stakeholders, City officials and the engineering firms before  technical design work began in June.  The facilitator also helped to ensure that all elements of the competition remained on a level playing field.

The firms have used the public comment and the City's design criteria to shape their proposals to meet the growing traffic demands in the area through the year 2040.   The final design process will occur next year, and construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2014. 

More information on the project is available at (keyword: Warlick).