DeWitt residents receive furniture

Posted By: Marlenia Thornton

The village of DeWitt received more help as the Beatrice Churches of Christ continued its disaster efforts Sunday afternoon.

Volunteers handed out furniture, which residents say was much needed after flood that happened a few weeks ago.

“The lost is not as much in the dwelling as it is the contents and to be able to get people back to their day to day, so fast is what makes it all so awesome,” DeWitt resident Bruce McDougall said.

The disaster relief team has been in town for more than a week helping in various ways.

The team gave out new water heaters to families this past Friday.

Residents drove up to a packed warehouse to receive items like loveseats and dressers.

Volunteers say they’re just glad they can help in this time of need.

“The thrill you get the joy from helping others. It’s one of those things where what would Christ do if he were here and he would be helping these people,” Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Team Director Mark Cremeans said.

Volunteers helped more than 30 families Sunday and about 200 thus far. They mentioned they’ll stay in town as long as they’re needed, and the people of DeWitt are thankful.

” I know we’ll never be able to thank all the people behind the scenes that have donated everything to help everyone out, but it’s truly remarkable there’s that many people who care about small town community,” DeWitt resident Brandy Marriott said.

The director said the biggest thing he wants people to know is the disaster relief team is available to help. It plans to hand out more appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators in the near future.

If you live in DeWitt and need help from the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Team, call Leroy Koehler at 785-562-6271.