Differing opinions on upcoming SCC bond vote

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom


There’s little doubt the Southeast Community College bond issue has created some conflicting opinions.

Supporters say passing it will help more students in Lincoln and southeast Nebraska get a quality education. They say there are plenty of open jobs that employers need those students to fill.

"The bond is all about workforce development – in both Lincoln and southeast Nebraska," Kyle Fischer, with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, said.

"Clearly there is a gap in Lincoln’s workforce and southeast Nebraska’s workforce. We have hundreds of unfilled jobs and Southeast Community College does a great job of filling that."

The $369 million bond would be paid for with property taxes. The cost comes out to roughly $3 a month (gradually over 10 years) for someone with a $100,000 home.

Several state associations oppose the bond, saying it’s too big a burden to impose on taxpayers.

"When Nebraska tax payers are paying the seventh highest property tax rates in the nation, and you ask farmers, homeowners and businesses for additional property tax dollars out of their pockets, it’s important to demonstrate there is a need," Terry Keebler, with the Nebraska Farm Bureau, said.

The bond issue will be on the November 8th ballot. Vote "For" if you want the bond to pass, vote "Against" if you don’t.