DMV makes some modern changes

Posted by: Laurann Robinson

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles is giving you another option when it comes to getting your notices.

On December 1st, the Nebraska DMV launched a service that sends an electronic notice to tell you when it’s almost time to renew your vehicle registration.

Rhonda Lahm, Director with the DMV says, "we’re finding that our customers more and more are wanting to do their business online and go paperless."

Previously, these letters were only sent through the mail, but now they can come to you anywhere, anytime via text or email.

"Having a smart-phone even, you can just pull out your smart-phone and get on the DMV website and take care of whatever you need to take care of," said Joshua Martens, a customer.

Most of the people I talked to said they prefer to get their notifications through text or email.

Courtney Parker, another customer says, "all my stuff is electronic. So, I’d probably sign up for it."

But not everyone said they’d choose the newer option.

Lincoln resident, Lynne Glacketer adds, "I like paper just because, I don’t forget paper. Whereas, you read a text, and it goes out of your head. You don’t have the actual tangible item in front of you any longer."

If you do sign up for the eNotice, you can go into your account and change the email address and phone number, as well as go back to paper notifications at any time.

Either way, this new system is just an option, not a replacement.

Now if you’re interested in receiving your vehicle registration notification electronically, you can go to the DMV’s website: