Doctor helps Lincoln woman end chronic pain

Deep Vein Thrombosis, also known as a blood clot, usually in the legs, is a condition that over half a million Americans deal with each year.

One Lincoln woman was able to make a full recovery.

"We were able to re-open that vein and give her her life back. She no longer has to take pain medication. She’s able to play with her kids and do the things that we want to do," said Vascular and Interventional Radiologist Doctor Eric Vander Woude.

Lincoln mom Jordan Buresh had been dealing with chronic pain from blood clots for four years.

She had difficulty walking and even laying on her side, dealing with a constant throbbing pain in her leg. These are common symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

"I was told that I would have to live off of pain medication for the rest of my life because there was nothing they could do to fix it because the damage was so bad," said Buresh.

In 2016, Buresh received a phone call from Doctor Vander Woude that would change her life.

"Doctor Vander Woude invited me in to do a study. So I am now living my life exactly how I want to with three stents in my veins going from my bellybutton into the top of my left thigh. I thank him from the bottom of my heart," said Buresh.

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital recently participated in a study that focused on new treatments for blood clots.

The study found patients with blood clots in the legs that lead up to the pelvic area may be eligible to undergo a procedure that inserts a stent into the clotted vein.

The usual treatment for blood clots is to have patients take blood thinning medication which can lead to health complications.

"So you could imagine it’s like interstate 80 between Omaha and Lincoln. If you were to take out one half of the interstate you get all this congestion," said Vander Woude.

During the procedure, Vander Woude inserted a small wire through the vein. Once it was through the vein he was able to place stents to reopen it.

St. Elizabeth’s was one of 48 institutions across the united states to participate. The study was the largest of its kind to date.

It has almost been two years since the procedure and Jordan reports no complications.

"It is completely night and day. I don’t even know I have stents in me. I don’t remember when I had something wrong. It’s just an amazing feeling and I’m very grateful to him," said Buresh.

To see if you or someone you know is eligible for this life changing procedure, call the research number at 402-219-7677.