NE organization working hard to change pit bull stereotype

By: Kayla Bremer

A documentary shown in Lincoln on Sunday is hoping to change people's minds and raise awareness about bully breed dogs.

The documentary is called Beyond the Myth.  It's a movie shown nationally about breed discrimination in America.  The Lincoln Grand Cinema downtown held the event for the organization called Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue.

Brad Quinby is a volunteer for the group who came up with the idea and put together the event.

“I've got three rescue pit bulls myself and I really wanted to bring awareness to the community about what the breeds about and I know there's a lot of myths and stereotypes that are out there about the breed,” Quinby said.

Around 300 people showed up for the silent auction and film.  Many were pit bull supporters and owners.  Others were people who were curious or skeptical and wanted to learn more about the breed.

“My daughter brought her pit bull over and completely changed my world and I realized they were not the bad dog that everybody says that they were,” Dorothy Doeschot said.  “I had the same vision of the nasty, fighting dog and now I have two pit bulls that are around my 4–year–old granddaughter all the time.”

“You don't ban the dog, you ban the people for the behavior that they do with the dog,” added Tammy Westbrook.

Elizabeth Neyer and her pit bull Lily have become the mascots for pit bull supporters in Lincoln.  They both made an appearance Sunday night and even Lily watched the movie along side her owner who rescued her and gave her a home.

The money raised from the auction and tickets for the movie will go to NNKCR to help all the dogs they take care of in foster homes.