Dogs seized from Steele City home at Humane Society

The Jefferson county sheriff's office says in Steele City, nearly 2 dozen dogs were seized from a home that was determined unfit to live in. Now the Capital Humane Society is taking care of several of the neglected dogs.

A total of 23 dogs were seized from the home last Thursday. Seven of them are now here in Lincoln and all are in need of a good home. The dogs seen here may look like the kind you'd see in a commercial. But the truth is these dogs have had it rough.

“The backyard was pretty much just mud. The dogs were extremely unclean. They were covered with mud and some fecal material… As well as a lot of fleas,” Pat Williams with the Capital Humane Society said.

Once in custody the 23 dogs were taken to Humane Societies throughout southeast Nebraska, seven of them here in Lincoln. They've been cleaned and cared for since their arrival…now all they need is the right person to bring them home.

“Some of them might have to go into our foster care system to be, develop some social skills…particularly the older ones if they're a year or so and really haven't been socialized,” Williams said.

We're told a lack of spaying and neutering is what caused the problem in the first place. That's why it's always a good idea to spay and neuter your pet before you've got more than you can handle.

Despite having come from an unfit home, the dogs have shown no signs of aggression…officials say they could be great pets.

“They've just been in a backyard in a pack and getting food thrown out to them and haven't had the proper action that particularly, dogs crave. So we're really hoping that we can place them in good homes,” Williams said.

The dogs will be checked out by a vet Monday. Once that's done they can be cleared for adoption.

For more information, just call the Capital Humane Society at 402-442-4488.