Donate Life Month, Kathryn Slattery’s Story

By: Jenn Hatcher

April is national Donate Life month.

It's part of a big push for organ donation registration.

A local family says they now check that box at the DMV after
a dual transplant, saved one of their own.

In 2012, 20–year–old Kathryn Slattery (then 17) underwent the
states first heart–liver transplant.

The 14–hour surgery, a result of a heart condition she was
born with.

Her dad, Jim Slattery, says, “It was the excitement that
we can keep moving forward and saving Kathryn's life.”

Kathryn was lucky; she was on the donors needed list for less
than a week.

“It kind of broke my heart that my joy was someone else's
deep–deep sorrow,” explains Kathryn.

The Slattery's never met the family the organs came from, but
say they'd love to, someday.

“It's a big thank you because they've given Kathryn
life.  Without those donated organs…
they had given us a very poor prognoses for her,” says dad.

After her transplant Kathryn went through chemotherapy for
lymphoma but in February was given a mostly clean bill of health. 

“I'm feeling a lot better than I was before.  Probably the best I've ever felt in my life,
right now,” she says.

Donate Life Nebraska
is holding a 5k and heroes walk later this month.

The details can be found by clicking here.

To learn more about Organ and Tissue donation head to,