Donations coming in for Japanese earthquake relief

With the devastation mounting in Japan, aid efforts here at home continue.

Groups across Lincoln have been hard at work since the disaster hit on Friday morning and the result has been moving.

Officials in Japan are responding to now three devastating disasters, the 8.9 earthquake, the tsunami and now a threat of a nuclear meltdown. Meanwhile, efforts here at home have turned to help with recovery.

“Right after we found out the news Friday morning we immediately started working on the planning of donations and what other things that we could do,” Yurika Matsui said.  Groups across Lincoln have pulled together to support disaster victims. The group Global Friends of Japan started collecting donations on Saturday, have set up an account with Wells Fargo…and already organized a benefit for Tuesday night. The result has been overwhelming.

“I am really amazed how people are willing to help..and really passionate about helping with us,” Matsui said.

The Cornhusker Chapter of the American Red Cross says right now they are only collecting monetary donations…and the best thing anyone can do is to support fundraising efforts. “Japan needs money right now not just for recovery but to help rebuild there economic infrastructure as well.” Susan Epps of the Red Cross said.

The benefit for Global Friends of Japan starts Tuesday night at 7 o'clock in the UNL Ballroom you can also donate by texting Red Cross to 9099.