Don’t forget to care for your pets during extreme heat

Posted By:  KLKN Newsroom

The Lincoln Lancaster County Health Dept. reminds pet owners hot and humid weather pose a serious risk health risk.

The Animal Control Division of the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department urges the public to take steps to protect pets during hot and humid weather, especially if they are kept outside.  Overweight, young and older pets are at greater risk for heat-related stress.  Dogs with stub or shorter muzzles can't pant very well, which is an important function to help pets cool down.


Recommendations for keeping your pet cool include the following:


•   Never leave pets alone in a parked car.

•   Consider a summer haircut for your dog.

•   Purchase a plastic wading pool for your dog.

•   Change your pet's water a couple of times each day.  Animals often go without drinking if water is too hot and not fresh.  Use water and food bowls that don't tip over.

•   Provide shelter and shade for all outside pets.  The inside of a dog house or kennel can get very hot. 

•   Limit your pet's exercise, and try to exercise during the cooler part of the day.

•   If you travel with your pet, take a gallon jug of cold water.

•   Remember that hot asphalt and tar can burn paw pads.

If your pet gets overheated, bring the temperature down by soaking the animal in cool water and seek veterinary care.  Warning signs include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rates, seizures, vomiting, collapsing or lethargic behavior.

More information on animal ownership is available at (keyword: animal control) or by calling 402-441-7900.