Doubling parking meter fees in Mayor’s budget proposal

By:  Ashley Harding

The Mayor unveiled his proposed 2-year budget Friday.  He will present it to the City Council on Monday.

It's the first time the city is attempting a two year city budget.  And while there are no tax increases in the budget, there could be some fee hikes.

The new fiscal year is right around the corner, in September, and with that, city officials begin preparations. Mayor Beutler says his proposed 2012–2014 budget keeps Lincoln on the move.

 “No tax increases, no mayor program cuts, and no inappropriate uses of one time money.”

If the budget goes through, some changes could be coming. For starters, the cost of parking at a meter would go from fifty cents to a dollar for the first hour. And that's not all.  The budget proposal recommends raising fees for false fire alarms.  And, if a nursing home facility calls for non–emergency help in moving patients, there would be a fee for that as well.

“If it's simply a matter of convenience to the facilities so they don't have to call in staff or don't have to run the risk that someone injures their back; that probably wouldn't be the appropriate use of city resources to do that.”

As we mentioned earlier this week, the proposal also calls for police no longer writing out reports on non–injury car accidents… A move they save would save the city $140,000 a year, and ultimately, the jobs of two police officers.

The mayor's proposal will be presented to the City Council this coming Monday.

“The 2012–2014 City of Lincoln is a reflection of everyone's good work and a reflection that we are, indeed, becoming the city that we set out to be.”

We talked to Councilmen Jon Camp and Adam Hornung.  They say while they applaud the mayor they're concerned about possibly losing the 2 police officer positions.

A public hearing on the budget will take place in August.