Downtown Hastings building ablaze

The Hastings Fire Department is battling a fire that has overtaken the BG & S Transmission building in Hastings.

Smoke from the blaze at 128 N Lexington Avenue can be seen for miles.

Our partner station has a reporter on scene heard at least three minor explosions in the course of five minutes and saw fire completely overtake the first floor.

It broke out around 9:00 A.M. Friday at BG&S Transmissions near 2nd and Lexington in downtown Hastings.

Fire crews say people inside the building were working on a car in the third bay of the shop when the building caught fire.

The blaze leveled the 2 story building, forcing Hastings fire to call in help from at least five neighboring communities.

Crews were worried about the gasoline and oil in the building.

Everyone inside made it out safely- but the building is completely ravaged.

Investigators found the cause was a faulty transmission fluid flushing machine.