Dozens of parking tickets issued due to ban violations

Hundreds of Lincoln residents received tickets over the last couple days. Many awoke to find a ticket on their windshield for not obeying the parking ban in effect throughout Lincoln.  Lots of Lincoln residents rely on the street for parking every night–and while that's usually not a problem–when parking bans go into effect–everything changes, and that's when people get ticketed.

Driving through Lincoln it's hard not to spot them. And if you received one–you're not alone–the Lincoln Police Department reported they've written about 250 tickets for people who didn't obey the parking ban.  “I got a ticket for being parked on the wrong street which happens every time I'm absent minded and O never remember which is the right side,” Casey Hollingsworth said.

Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady says the city's stepped up efforts to get the word out about parking bans. Using not only the media, but outbound phone calls, and even twitter, yet people still get ticketed every year.

'We're not trying to make revenue from parking were trying to get people conditioned to move their car during a snow emergency parking ban so maybe at the next snow fall they'll be thinking twice about just ignoring that and public works might be able to get down that block and get the snow pushed to the curb,” Chief Casady said.

Hollingsworth who now has to give up $35 bucks–says he realizes why he got the ticket—but just hopes next time he remembers what side to park on before he calls it a night.  “I understand why they do it of course it's just hard to keep track of where you're supposed to be and it's always frustrating to get a ticket,” Hollingsworth said.

The Mayor lifted the ban at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  So to be clear–it's okay to park on either side of the street Wednesday.