Dozens of people gathered at Hazel Abel Park on Thursday, in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance

By: Brittany Paris

The candlelight vigil honors transgender people who have lost their lives because of hatred or prejudice.

Andira Losh with Common Root, a mutual aid center, helped organize the event.

“It’s important that people realize the threats that people have to their life and well being that transpeople are being murdered regularly,” Losh said.

People shared poems and personal stories, standing up against the cruelty and hatred that some transpeople face.

They read the names of more than 70 people who have been killed in the last year, some of them nameless.

“It’s important to remember those people who have lost their lives and honor them as a community and coming out and supporting people that need support now,” Losh said.

Losh says being a transperson can be terrifying. We need to work toward a society that’s more inclusive.

Anyone who is dealing with their gender identity or sexuality or just needs someone to talk to should reach out to Common Root. You can find more information on their website: