TeamMates thank mentors for support

Posted By: Jason Taylor

LINCOLN, Neb. A celebration was held today at Ameritas in Lincoln as a part of "I am a Mentor Day" and National Mentoring month and to share the success of the mentoring program.

"You don’t have to be a miracle worker. It’s not tough to do. The only thing you need to do is show up and be there consistently. And, I think be there for him," Said Tyler Shubauer, TeamMates Mentor

Mentors with teammates mentoring program of Lincoln shared the great experiences they’ve had helping local youth. The program is aimed at providing good role models that are dedicated to making a difference in an adolescent’s life. Teammates was started in 1991 by Tom and Nancy Osborne to help youth reach their full potential. Osborne says students with mentors see improvements in attendance, grades and have a 90 percent high school graduation rate.

"Kids with mentors are 50 percent more likely to go onto college than someone who does not have a mentor," Said Dr. Tom Osborne, TeamMates Co-founder.

He also says 75 to 80 percent of these youth are on free or reduced lunch and come from single parent households. For this reason establishing a relationship and trust is very important. Osborne says the three important things a mentor must do is show unconditional love, identify strengths, and give them a sense of vision for their future.

"Kids who have a mentor are much more hopeful and optimistic about the future," Osborne said.

However, there’s still a need for more mentors in the Lincoln area. Walter Powell with LPS says there’s hundreds of un-mentored kids within certain neighborhoods.

"From the Fallbrook location, there are 8 schools within a 10 minute drive, with a 105 students waiting for a mentor.” Said Walter Powell, TeamMates of LPS

Currently 12 hundred adults are volunteering as mentors but an estimate of over 700 students just in Lincoln may need a mentor. Members of the TeamMates organization say there’s a greater need for more male mentors.