Drive-By Shooting

Lincoln Police continue to investigate a drive-by shooting.  They tell us there were four people in the car.   

Lincoln police are questioning serveral people suspected of being involved with the shooting.  

It's believed these men were on thier way back to Omaha when they were shot at, wounding two and killing one.   

The drive-by shooting happened on North 27th street, around two o'clock Sunday morning.

Police say at the intersection of folkways boulevard passengers inside a gold mercury fired several shots at the car with the omaha men inside.   

Sitting in the passenger seat, 28-year-old Doyle Bryant of Omaha, who was shot in the chest, and died.   

Police are still searching for a motive. 

Two others inside the car were treated and released for gunshot wounds…   

The driver, 25-year-old Lynell Green was shot in the leg, 26-year-old Daryl Bryant sitting in the driver-side rear seat was also shot in the leg.   

27-year-old Laron Tolbert was sitting in the rear passenger seat but was not hit.

Police say right after their vehicle was shot at, the four men drove southbound and flaged down an officer near 27th and “Y” streets.   

The officer then called for medical help, the men were taken to Bryan LGH West, were Doyle Bbryant was pronounced dead.

If you have any information about the shooting, call crimestoppers at 475-3600.