Driver gets away after car chase

By:Dan Messineo

Police are looking for a man after a routine traffic stop turns into a car chase.  The chase ended after the driver stopped the car, got out and took off.  

The chase happened a little after 1 a.m. Friday.  It started by an alley near 60th and Ballard Avenue.  Police say an officer tried to pull the car over for a routine stop when the car took off. 

Police say they chased the car at a low speed for about eight blocks to 62nd and Kearney streets.  That's when the driver bailed from the car and ran away.  An officer chased the driver for a short distance and lost him. 

The driver didn't put his car in park when he got out; consequently, it jerked back and hit a police cruiser, causing minor damage. 

Police have a person of interest.  They're still investigating.