DTV Transition Causes Some Confusion

Some Nebraska TV stations went all digital Tuesday, and that caused frustration for some people.  For those who either didn't buy a converter box or didn't know how to work it, they turned on their tv to find nothing on a couple of stations.

The change brought tons of questions from viewers. Schaefer's here in Lincoln took around 100 calls today, mostly about people having problems scanning for channels.

Jason Kirby at Schaefer's has been taking calls on the digital conversion for awhile now and despite the switch for some stations, the calls keep coming.

“Basically everyone has been calling because the stations are starting to switch so they're calling to get their converter box to scan or tv to scan,” said Kirby. 

Scanning seems to be the hardest part for customers, so here's how you do it: Use your converter box remote, hit menu and then hit auto channel searching.  From there, give your TV a few minutes to scan for all the channels.  When it's done scanning your tv is ready.  Moving your antenna around can make a difference as far as what channels you can get, so each time you move it, it's a good idea to rescan.

Despite those tips, it can still be kind of confusing.

“It goes over my head but that's why I have my granddaughter to help or a son in law who will come over,” said Peggy Chilen of Lincoln.

But if you don't have someone to help you out, you can always call Schaefer's.

Now that the first day has passed, Kirby is hoping that tomorrow there will be fewer calls.

There are still some digital converter boxes left at Schaefer's if you still need to pick your's up.  Also, tomorrow the FCC will be at Schaefer's from noon to 2 to answer peoples questions about digital TV and converter box coupons.  There will also be demonstrations on how to hook up your box.