E-Filing Your Taxes

FREE FEDERAL E-FILE – Access IRS site at www.irs.gov. Click on “freefile”.

Freefile allows for free e-file for your federal return only and for returns with federal adjusted gross income of $54,000 or less.

FREE STATE E-FILE – NebFile offers a way to file your Nebraska return for free. For more information about NebFile, go to www.revenue.ne.gov/electron/nebrile.html. NebFile is for state returns only.

FED/STATE E-FILE – This is a fee-based convenient way to file both your federal and state income tax returns in one transmission to the IRS. For more information on this filing option go to www.revenue.ne.gov/electron/jelf.htm.


Call 1-800-742-7474 or 1-402-471-5729.