Early morning fire displaces residents

Posted By: Sarah Fili


Brittany and Jacob have been packing for weeks. They’re moving out of the apartment they’ve lived in for four years near at Colonial Heights near 27th and Old Cheney.

Early this morning, they got a scary phone call.

"Her mom, her mom called my girlfriend… and told her that our apartment was on fire,” Jacob Mitchell, who lived in the apartment, said.

They say the blaze ripped through the apartment above theirs because of an improperly discarded cigarette. Mitchell says the fire spread from the deck inside the apartment, burning a hole in the floor above their ceiling. Now, they’re left to clean up the mess.

"We didn’t know if it was safe to go in yet so we decided to call the maintenance guy and he said it was okay to come in because we have to clean it up. There’s water damage as you can see it’s dripping pretty bad,” Mitchell said.

They say they’re being forced to move out in one day, when they thought they’d have all month.

“Oh they told us we had to move today obviously there’s a lot of smoke damage and water damage. It’s not safe here. We don’t know what else could happen,” he said.

They started hauling loads to their new apartment in mid February, paying rent in both places. Now, they hope they’ll get some of their rent back.

"Some of my deposit, because the carpet is totally wet hopefully i can get some decent amount of money because we had to save a lot of money because it was a big expense,” he said.

They say they’re thankful all their important items were out, and no one’s hurt. Lincoln Fire and Rescue say there’s about $10,000 in damage to the building.

"We had to toss out a lot of stuff that just won’t even survive," Mitchell said.

We spoke with Brittany’s mom who was struggling to breathe because of all the smoke in the apartment. She says despite of this, she’s thankful everyone has their health.