Earthquake felt in multiple states including Nebraska

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

"The bed was getting pushed back about six different times over a 30 minute period. I saw the blinds moving, and I did not know what it was," Scott Wilke, Nebraska, said.

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake destroyed parts of northern Oklahoma, sending shocks across the Midwest including here in the Capital city.

"It shook the house, and I felt it move, and jack didn’t know what it was so he was scared.”

It came as a surprise to many, not expecting something like this to happen in Nebraska.

One husker fan was camping out in his car for the perfect tailgating spot, and thought someone was playing a prank on him.

"Something was shaking, like somebody was messing with me," Rich Walter, Nebraska, said.

What seems unusual is actually, scientifically, normal.

"Earthquakes at this size especially in the United States are felt at great distance. Basically the rocks in the central U.S are very firm, so the energy transfers and is transmitted long distances,” Justin Rubinstein, USGS Geophysicist, said.

Researchers with the United States Geographical Survey say wastewater disposal could be the cause. They say oil drilling in Northern Oklahoma creates a build up of salt water in the earth making an earthquake more likely.

"Infrequently we see happening is that salt water finds its way into a vault, prying it open a little bit, making it easier to slip,” Rubinstein, said.

This is the largest earthquake in Oklahoma since 2011. That one was also cause by wastewater.