East High wins clean campus award

Posted By: Megan Conway


East high is the only Lincoln school to win an award for their clean campus. Helping to receive this honor, the Student Council applied for a grant to purchase trash cans and recycling bins.

"When we applied for the grant, we decided to do an event, and so we had students come out on a Saturday and help clean up the campus. we were out here for a couple of hours and went around campus and cleaned up all the trash and collect recyclables," says Julia Messineo, Student Council president and senior at East.

"It makes me feel really happy because we took the initiative to make a difference for our school and for our community, too," says Ryley Thomas, Student Council press secretary and senior at East.

The students say the grant made throwing trash away more convenient and that they’re proud of their school for winning the award. The Student Council had some help from a recycling crew who picks up trash everyday. The crew is a class of special education students learning job skills for the future.

"I started when I was a freshman, then continued as a sophomore and a junior and now senior year," says James Johnson, member of the recycling crew and senior at East.

"It takes a lot of toll though, but it’s a tough job, but somebody has got to do it," says Adam Masters, member of the recycling crew and senior at East.

They clean their campus year–round and then have a pizza party at the end of the year with the money they’ve made from recycling aluminum cans.