Effort To Rid State Of Death Penalty

Families of murder victims gathered at the Capitol Monday.

They are making an effort to pursuade Nebraska's Senators to vote to get rid of the State's death penalty.  

As the legislative season kicks off this week, the death penalty is already being called the 'heaviest issue' the senators will have to deal with this year.

Which means there will be a lot of pressure put on the senators from both sides of the issues.

Beatrice resident Miriam Kelle has thought about her brother Jim and his murderers nearly everyday for the last 26-years.

She says knowing the trememdous amount of pain members of her brother's cult put him through before ultimately killing him is why she's fighting hard to get *rid of the state's death penalty this year's legislative season.

One of Kelle's brother's murderers, Michael Ryan is on death row.

Kelle, along with a couple other Nebraskans are visiting senators in hopes of pursuading them to vote against the death penalty in the coming months.

Last year, LB476 fell one vote short of replacing capitol punishment with life in prison without parole.

Lincoln Senator Tony Fulton says he refuses to vote to repeal the death penalty, because he thinks of the law as a means of self-defense.

But Lincoln Police Captain Jim Davidsaver says after working homicides for 21-years, he doesn't see the point in having the death penalty.

The bill to get rid of the death penalty will be discussed by a Legislative committee at the end of this month…

By the way, Nebraska is the only state with the electric chair as its sole means of Capital Punishment.