EIE: Funsize Physics offers grad students physics education

.Some graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are finding a new way to learn about physics.

"We want to introduce people, who are interested in science but not necessarily scientists, to discoveries that physicists are making," said Dr. Shireen Adenwalla, a UNL Physics Professor.

A seminar called Funsize Physics is a new program offered to University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate students, it was started by the National Science Foundation and spearheaded by Dr. Adenwalla.

The goal is to increase public awareness of discoveries in the field of physics.

"I think beauty wonder and potential, those three words capture what it is we’re trying to evoke, so we’re not just trying to convey the scientific detail, says Joclyn Bosley of UNL.

They have a website that features research posts submitted by leading physicists across the country and then used by teachers in the classroom.

It’s aim is to get more people interested in science.