Eighth graders get preview of their future high school

High school registration is coming up and Lincoln Public Schools hosted the first of its High School Information nights for eighth graders, so they can have an informed choice about which high school to attend.

"Tonight, students and parents have an opportunity to meet people, to see their friends, to listen to some teachers, to get to know kind of some of the culture and the community looks like in east high school," said Principal Susan Cassata.

The school treated the eight grade families to a pep rally and showed them the different classes and how their staff teaches them.

"What I hope parents and students see as they come to East High tonight is they can see their child sitting in the classrooms, learning from the teachers, being colleagues and peers to those students that they see." Cassata said.

Parents said the event helps kids get rid of some of the jitters and gets them excited.

"Especially if it’s something they look forward to: If it’s a special activity or if it’s a special academic that they’re looking forward to," Lea Barker said.  "Plus, they can see all their friends that they’re going to be with, which is really important.  Anytime you can get your child engaged and want to go to school, it’s very important."

Principal Cassata said she’s humbled by the turnout because it shows the number of families considering  sending their kids to East High.

LPS is hosting five more meetings hosting this month.  You can find the rest of the schedule at https://www.lps.org/post/detail.cfm?id=11212