Elderly Couple Robbed Inside Home

An elderly man remains in the hospital after he and his wife were tied up and beaten inside their home Wednesday night.

The two men responsible are on the loose.

Now, authorities, and family of the victims, are asking for your help.

The elderly couple, who are 75 and 76 years old, was woken up around one in the morning by two men wearing Halloween masks.  

The woman had a pillow shoved in her face, and a gun held to her head while she was tied up.

Her husband was brutally beaten.

Authorities say the two armed suspects entered the couples home through this basement window.   

It was latched but not locked.   

Once inside, the couple was bound and beaten and locked inside this bathroom while their home was ransacked.   

Lincoln police say the suspects took the debit card, demanded the pin number and tried to get money out.

But, it didn't work. 

At that points, the suspects came back to the house for another pin number.

The suspects had used the victims car to make two trips to the ATM.

The couples daughter, Lorrie Bryant, says after the two men left her parents got the tape off of their wrists and ankles.

The suspects took two rings, two watches and a billfold.   

The family does not believe the suspects knew them or have any connection.  

Tonight, the 76-year-old man is still in the hospital from the beating.

His daughter says he could be released Friday.