Electric fences to protect businesses may be a go

Posted By: Sarah Fili


A resolution in the city council may allow businesses to install electrically charged fences on their property. Right now in the city, it’s illegal. Michael Pate with Electric Guard Dog says the shock it delivers isn’t too powerful, but it’s enough to keep criminals out.

"It’s used to secure large areas where lots of valuable inventory is laid around the yard for everyone to see, particularly criminals who may see that and want to come and pick it up, and we try to stop them, it’s also an alarm,” Pate said.

The shock isn’t fatal, and is connected to an alarm system. So if someone tries to break in or cut it, it alerts police.

LKQ auto parts, a salvage yard here in Lincoln, is the first business to request the fence system. They say people break into their scrap yard and steal parts all too often. Pate says the shock feels similar to when you run across carpet in socks, then touch something metal.

"You’ll get a little shock and most people in rural areas, I’m not calling Lincoln rural, but there are a lot of pastures out here and you can compare it to a livestock fence, which is a pulsed electrical fence to keep livestock in, we’ve just adapted that technology to crime prevention,” Pate said.

Now the city council will vote on the resolution. Guard Dog Fences say if this passes, they’ll be in every state except South Dakota.