Elliott’s Carnival

Today a carnival came to Lincoln, but it wasn't just any carnival it was to benefit one special little boy and honor another.

From batman to storm troopers it was a carnival of crazy characters, but the biggest superhero was Elliott.

The 8 year old was born with spina bifida and just last year he was diagnosed with brain cancer but he still manages to always have a big smile on his face and today that smile could be seen from miles away, as he and his friends enjoyed the carnival all in his honor.

His parents, Jay and Stephanie say this is the best medicine.

 “There's not enough ways to say thank you, there's not enough words to say how much this means to our entire family and just the community as a whole to see everyone come together is overwhelming, ” they said.

While Elliott was the star of this show, another little star was watching from above…RJ Alwin, he died last year of brain cancer at the age of 4.

His dad, Tony, put the carnival together, turning a tragedy into a positive.

“I praise god that he put me in this position, I've lost my son but I know where he is and I know he's looking down on us and he's very proud. This is for RJ too, so we really want to carry this on because this is incredible, lots of kids to help,” Alwin said.

While Elliott's parents can't put their gratitude into words, Elliott's face says it all, Thank you.

All the money raised will go to pay for Elliott's medical costs. Last year the carnival raised $13,000 and the family says if any money is left over they'll donate it to another family in need.

If you couldn't make it out to the carnival, but still want to support the cause you can visit the web site www.rjsangels.com