Emergency declaration could slow down your ride to Memorial Stadium for the Spring Game

Pack your patience in your clear Husker bags because it could take a while for you to catch a ride to Memorial Stadium for the Spring Game.

“I’ve heard some drivers won’t be driving at all,” Uber & Lyft Driver Christina Andersen said.

“Wait times on game days are normally 20 minutes but it could be 40 minutes or longer,” Uber & Lyft Driver Kyle Rieken said.

It ties back to the flooding; both Uber and Lyft don’t allow surge pricing when a state has declared an emergency.

Surge pricing is when the price of your ride goes up when demand is higher– so for a concert, sporting event or when bars close.

“Uber and Lyft do it to avoid lawsuits,” Rieken said. “It’s a legal thing so I understand it but it’s just unfortunate it landed on this timing.”

Without it, fewer Uber or Lyft drivers will be on the road because they’ll be making much less, only about $3 per ride.

“Prepare for wait times,” Andersen said. “Figure out a plan for what you want to do, maybe get there really early and have a meal before the game and the same thing after the game.”

Andersen said the best thing you can do other than prepare for wait times is to tip your driver.

“I just hope they appreciate the money we’re actually losing as opposed to what it normally is, it’s going to be a hard day for us,” Andersen said.

If you plan on driving yourself, don’t worry about tipping, but the police department’s also preaching patience for you ahead of tomorrow’s game.

“Keep in mind there are pedestrians everywhere,” Officer Angela Sands said. “Expect someone will dart out, drive slowly and look both ways.”

There will be extra officers inside and outside the stadium as well as directing traffic to help mitigate game-day congestion.

Sands said it’s an exciting day for officers and a bit of a test run for this fall.

“We all live here in Lincoln supporting the Husker’s so we’re excited too,” she said.