Emmy winning actor Joe Pantoliano in Lincoln

Emmy award winning actor Joe Pantoliano was in Lincoln Tuesday night.He was at Bryan Health to talk about mental illness. Pantoliano spoke to over 400 people at Bryan East Campus. He was in movies like Risky Business, The Goonies, The Fugitive, Bad Boys, U.S. Marshals and The Matrix.It's mental illness awareness week. It's a national campaign designed to educate and raise awareness about mental illness. It takes place annually during the first week of October. Pantoliano has battled depression and an addiction to drugs, alcohol and prescription medications.He's used his success to spread a message."So I found value in by using it as a platform for something that truly has value, which is an empathetic point of view, and saying 'it's okay,'" says Pantoliano. Through treatment, therapy and support from his family, Joe overcame those obstacles and shares his message with people all over the world.He created a non-profit and produced a documentary on removing the stigma associated with mental illness