Employee returns stolen money after 15 years

Posted By: Camila Orti


They’ve never gotten a letter quite like it.

“Dear Gibb and Pam,” the letter reads, “Not only was I a flaky employee, I also stole from the drawer when I worked.” 

Pamela and Gibb Hedges owned a sports bar for 30 years in Beatrice formerly known as Gibb’s. They sold it two years ago. Thursday, they received a letter from a former employee apologizing for stealing money from the business back when she worked there 15 years ago.

“My face lit up and I was just going ‘Oh my gosh,’ it was just thoroughly incredible,” Pamela said.

The woman also enclosed something else.

“Please accept this check for $200 as repayment for what I estimate to be how much I stole,” the letter reads.

Although the couple admits they had problems with employees stealing money, they’ve never had anybody confess or pay them back after so many years.

“That was the unbelievable part,” Pamela said, “never in my wildest dreams would I expect an employee to do something like this.”

“Must’ve been some sleepless nights, that was pretty impressive,” Gibb said.

Pamela says neither her nor her husband remember the employee, but they are interested in writing her back.

“Just to commend her for it, it was a very courageous act,” Pamela said.

The couple requested that Channel 8 keeps the young woman anonymous, but they say they do plan on cashing the check.