Employees of Lincoln’s Goodyear plant are going back to the bargaining table

The workers union contract ends in less than a month. This week, union reps are meeting with corporate leaders in Akron, Ohio.

This pending contract is extremely critical for employees of Lincoln's Goodyear Plant. Last year, 480 jobs were cut when the plant closed it's hose division. They hope to avoid having the same thing happen again. Currently, Lincoln's Goodyear Plant employs 12-hundred employees. But in the last 15-years 600-jobs have been sent elsewhere.

John Shotkoski is Vice President of the Workers Union. He says both sides are working together to help Goodyear become profitable. But he says shipping more Lincoln jobs to Goodyear plants in Mexico isn't an acceptable solution.

A Goodyear spokesman couldn't give specific details about the negotiations but he tell Channel 8 Eyewitness News both sides have put their best proposals on the table. But the bottom line is that the company must once again be profitable.