End Rape Culture Rally at State Capitol

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton


Dozens stood outside the state capitol to take a stance against rape culture Thursday.

It’s a term used to refer to the normalizing and minimizing of sexual assault and abuse.

The rally was in part in response to past derogatory comments towards women from Donald Trump as well as state senator Bill Kintner’s controversial retweet.

The senator recently resigned.

Participants wanted to let the community know this type of talk is not OK.

"I consider it a victory in this case something happened, there was a consequence, which that doesn’t always happen.” Sexual Assault Survivor and Rally Speaker Chelsea Dappen said.

Various sexual assault survivors took turns sharing their stories including Nebraska Wesleyan student Chelsea Dappen.

She was assaulted five years ago.

They hoped this would shed light on this problem and change people’s perspective.

"I just encourage them to do that because they just transform the landscape. They give a face to statistics and numbers. They invite us to think differently,” Rally Attendee Debra McKnight said.

Many people from all over with signs in hand wanted to make a statement against this issue.

Several men were also there like Lance Johnson.

He said this is something that affects everyone and he wanted to show his support.

"I think men being here is important because it sends a message that we noticed there is a problem and we want to be a part of help,” Rally Attendee Lance Johnson said.

Supporters hope this was a launching pad to changing this mindset.