Engineering Summer Camp

Posted By: Nolan Crane

Lego's are not only a popular toy, they can also be used to teach students about engineering. Every day of the week long summer camp they

have to design something different. Here's Friday, July 31st "Excellence in Education" report. 

For today's task these students have to design a vehicle that can perform a special function. The students start off using paper and pencils

drawing their blue prints. Then come's the fun when they have to dig through the hundreds of Lego looking for the perfect piece. Some of

these students are building semis that can carry items and others are making futuristic police cars. 

"It's just a great opportunity for me to get what school is all about and have fun doing it," says Joshua White. 

"I started off as an engineering student doing a class where I had to volunteer and this was my job site for that. Actually because of this, I

moved to elementary education," says Tyler Becher. 

Joshua get's home schooled and he says it was fun learning about engineering with several classmates.