Enrollment Down, Tuition Up For N.U.

Enrollment in the University of Nebraska system is down about two percent overall this fall to slightly more than 45,000 students on the four campuses. There's a four percent drop in students on N.U.'s Lincoln campus, a five percent increase at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and less than one percent difference from last year at UNO and UNK.

Mainly because of state-mandated budget-cuts, tuition went up about 15 percent last year and 12 per cent this year. That's pricing a lot of students out, or driving them to community colleges, where enrollment is skyrocketing. Room and board, books and tuition for an incoming freshman at the University will cost a little more than 13,000 dollars this year.

A national report, out this week, has given the state of Nebraska an “F” for affordability in higher education. That's for all four-year schools and community colleges in the state. However, 36 others states also got an “F”. Officials say Nebraska is one of them because of low financial aid-