Episcopalians Divided About Gays Serving as Bishops

Episcopalians will have to wait to see if church leaders will confirm the denomination's first openly gay bishop. The confirmation of Reverend Gene Robinson has been delayed because of allegations of “touching” and “pornography.” The 56-year old divorced father of two has been attending the convention in Minneapolis with his male partner of 13-years. The church has not released where the allegations against Reverend Robinson are coming from, or even if there founded.

But what we do know is this issue is causing quite a stir in the church. Gene Robinson's confirmation as the first gay bishop has consumed the church's annual convention in Minneapolis. Sunday, the church's house of deputies voted to confirm him as bishop but a final vote of the house of bishops is still needed. Now with the vote on hold, the issue of gays and lesbians as church leaders is heating up, and it's not just on the national level.

Here in Lincoln, Episcopalians are divided. Two Episcopal churches in the city have views on the issue, that are polar opposites. Mother Jane Heenan with Holy Trinity said, “When you elect a bishop, you elect someone who is going to defend the church. How can you elect a bishop who flies in the face of what the church has stood for all these years?”

Father Don Hanway with St. Mark's says, “I think there's a growing movement on the acceptance of gay and lesbian people based on the fact that they are just as moral and Christian as anyone else.”

No word yet on what these allegations could mean to Robinson's confirmation. The church has not said when the bishops could vote.