Ethanol Conference

The ethanol industry has come under scrutiny recently about whether there will one day be enough to fuel the country.

But Ethanol officials met in Omaha today arguing the supply is already there.

There was a day when the thought of turning corn into a useable fuel was unheard of.

Now you see ethanol blended gas in almost every state.

But some have questioned if it's enough. Brian Jennings with the American Coalition of Ethanol says it's a lot more than enough.

Not only is there no shortage he says theres too much of it.

He says last year the ethanol industry only used 14 percent of the U.S.'s corn.

Leaving enough for oil, enough to export, and leaving plenty of room to think bigger.

Ethanol officials hope that their product will someday replace foreign oil.

One effort that's being made is the move to E-85 gas.

Phillip Lambert is with the National Executive Vehicle Coalition and is working to expand production of it.

A gas that runs on 85 percent ethanol, only 15 percent gas.

And the push is there to build more cars to accept that type of fuel.

Ethanol officials do admit there needs to be more E-85 pumps available to the consumer before Nebraska sees a drop in that type of fuel.