Ex-con sentenced for 100 bomb threat calls, including Neb.

By: Megan Palera

Lonny Bristow made more than 100 courthouse bomb threats, including here in Nebraska. On Thursday he was sentenced to prison.

Last November, there was panic at the Lancaster County Courthouse where one of those phone calls was made. The building was evacuated while firefighters did a sweep. The employee who took the phone call was told she had 17 minutes before the bomb would go off.

“My stomach dropped to my toes and I ran into Sue Kirkland's office. My face turned red and I looked at her as stunned as could be and said, 'There's a bomb in the building,” Lori Reid said.

But that bomb, was no bomb at all. It was a fake threat made to 10 Nebraska courthouses that day by Lonny Bristow. Turns out, Nebraska wasn't the only state to be duped by the ex-convict.

On Thursday in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, Bristow pled guilty to making more than 100 telephone bomb threats in five states. The 39-year-old was sentenced to a little more than four years in prison.

According to a court filing, Bristow made at least 9 calls to Washington, at least 30 to Oregon, at least 32 to Tennessee and about 50 to Mississippi between November and December of 2012.

In all of those cases, no explosives were found.

Bristow has served a 13-year prison sentence for theft, retaliation, aiding an escape, harassment by an inmate and telephone harassment.