Excellence in Education: Appreciation Breakfast

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


This morning the Norris High School Student Council held their first ‘Appreciation Breakfast’.The high school students invited members of the fire department, sheriff’s office, and police department to enjoy a free meal at the school.
During the breakfast, each member of law enforcement was recognized for their years of service to the community.

"We just had some of our service men and women come down and we gave them a free breakfast because we wanted to show them that we appreciate all that they’ve done for us," says Norris High senior, Sara Melina.

She says the council came together this summer to discuss how they could show support for people that protect their community.

Norris High School will have their first day of school on Tuesday. Students got up early on their last day of summer break to prepare breakfast for the officers.
Officers were thankful for the gesture.

"They told us at the office that they were doing this and it’s really nice. So we wanted to have a good show of support from our office to let the community down here know that we appreciate their support," says Captain Tom Brookhouser with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to breakfast, blue ribbons were tied around the school to show support for law enforcement.